The Total Coliform Citation issued by the State in Fall 2017 is attached.  Please read the first page for a detailed explanation.

full_Weimar WC Citation

Frozen Pipes

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During cold snaps be sure that your outside plumbing is protected from freezing temperatures.   Hose spigots are particularly vulnerable.  Your local hardware store sells insulation that you can use to protect your pipes.  In a pinch, a couple of towels will work.

Foam Pipe Insulation

Foam Pipe Insulation


It’s Fall

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The days are hot, but much shorter than July/August. Time to turn your spinklers back, your plants don’t need as much water.

Weimar Water Co.

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Weimar Water Co.

Weimar Water Co. provides treated water to over 560 homes in the Weimar area.

We also provided treated water to the Midway Heights County Water District, which serves about 350 additional customers between West Weimar Cross Roads to the Meadow Vista.

Our billing cycle is either monthly or bimonthly. Your bill consists of two components:
Monthly Service Charge – $47.02
Quantity Charge – $1.77 per 748 gallons

For your convenience, you are now able to pay your bill online.