Weimar Water Co.

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

Weimar Water Co.

Weimar Water Co. provides treated water to over 560 homes in the Weimar area.

We also provided treated water to the Midway Heights County Water District, which serves about 350 additional customers between West Weimar Cross Roads to the Meadow Vista.

Our billing cycle is either monthly or bimonthly. Your bill consists of two components:
Monthly Service Charge – $47.02
Quantity Charge – $1.77 per 748 gallons

For your convenience, you are now able to pay your bill online.


  1. Is there a way to see my bill on line? I would like to take better care of my account. It would be great if I could look at my accouint on line.
    Herb at 911 Hope Hill Ct account 10046300

    • Herb-

      We are looking into some options, but our billing program is pretty low tech. We are evaluating some new systems, but for the time being we don’t have that capability.


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