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| Safe and Reliable Water

Aerial Shot of water treatment plant, two water towers next to a pond and treatment buildings, surrounded by pine trees.

Weimar's Water Supply

We provide treated water service to over 550 customers in the Weimar Area. We also wholesale treated water to the Midway Heights County Water District, which serves about 350 additional customers between West Weimar Cross Roads to Meadow Vista and to the Weimar Institute. We purchase raw water from the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) and pump the water from the Boardman Canal to the water treatment plant. Treatment consists of flocculation and sedimentation and filtration to remove dirt and other organic material from the water. The “settled” water then passes through two multimedia filters that utilize anthracite (a type of coal) and fine sand to remove pathogens. The water is then chlorinated and stored in our water tanks. We treat 1,000,000 gallons per day in the summer. Water is conveyed to your home through a network of pipelines that range size between 4 to 10-inches in diameter. We maintain over 27 miles of pipeline.