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COVID-19 Info

Your water supply remains safe and will not spread the COVID-19 virus.  We are working with our suppliers to avoid interruption in the supply chain for various water treatment chemicals necessary to supply safe water.  We have included a link to the EPA’s website that will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

EPA Website

Financial Hardship

Measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 are creating financial hardship.  By working together our community will get through this public health crisis. Weimar Water will be suspending late fees and service termination until this public health threat runs its course. Through the years we have always worked with our customers on payment plans and will continue to do so.  That said we have financial obligations of our own including operating costs and debt service on infrastructure loans and are affected as well.

Customers will still be responsible for paying their water bills for service rendered including past due amounts.  Once the current public health crisis has passed, normal procedures will be restored, including those for addressing nonpayment of accrued amounts owed for past service.

Please reach out to us if you anticipate being late or unable to pay your full bill.

Thank You,

Weimar Water Co.